HC-1 Standard System Configuration

The HC-1 system is designed to provide clean energy for a better world. The system not only eliminates your electric bill and dependence on fossil fuels and an aging grid but it also allows you to benefit with tax and energy credits while helping make the environment safe for future generations. Although the HC-1 system is completely scalable up or down, outlined below is the standard system configuration for a residential installation.

Power Specifications:

  • 12,000 watts of electric solar power
  • 1,200 ampere hour (AH) 48v battery pack power
  • 1,100 watts of hydrogen fuel cell power

Component Specifications:

  • (40) 320 watt solar modules and racking
  • (2) 6,000 watt solar inverters
  • (24) 400 AH 6v valve regulated lead acid batteries
  • (2) 6,000 watt off grid battery inverters
  • (1) battery combiner and enclosure
  • (1) 1,100 watt hydrogen fuel cell
  • (1) H2 To Go hydrogen generator 600/cc @ 250 psi
  • (1) communications controller, card and interface
  • (1) outdoor enclosure
  • (1) 1,000 gallon hydrogen storage tank

The heart of the system is the communications controller that monitors all components so that energy is produced efficiently. It is programmed on a proprietary basis by H/Cell Energy Corporation. The HC-1 standard system configuration produces approximately 40 kWh per day of solar energy which is typically enough energy to address average loads. However, since any excess energy production is converted to hydrogen, an end user can at times produce more energy than they consume thus creating energy credits. The HC-1 system functions as a self-sustaining renewable energy system. It can be configured as an off grid solution for all your electricity needs or it can be connected to the grid to net zero your electric bill while simultaneously generating energy credits.