About Us

The renewable energy market is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is led by continued expansion in renewable energy technology, the need to lessen dependency on fossil fuel energy, grid-based vulnerabilities and the battle against global warming. Government initiatives continue to focus on the implementation of renewable energy. Currently, there are investment tax credits and new incentives that are being proposed by the government to ensure that a growing percent of electricity comes from renewable energy sources. In January 2007, the government passed the Clean Energy Act. This legislation will continue to shift subsidies to investments in clean energy. The key to substantial growth of renewable energy will be cost efficiency and consistency as a primary energy source. The key to consistency is renewable energy storage as an end user cannot rely just on solar, wind or batteries. The concept of combining renewable energy with hydrogen storage capacity is the new frontier.

H/Cell Energy Corporation has developed a solar hydrogen energy system used to completely power a residence or commercial property with clean energy so that it can run independent of the utility grid and also provide energy to the utility grid for monetary credits. The system also qualifies for investment tax credits from the government. It is a system that solves the need to produce clean energy and eliminate greenhouse gases for a better environment and a better world. This unique system uses renewal energy as its source for hydrogen production. It is a revolutionary concept that has been proven to be cost effective. Our research and development team continues to search for innovative ways to protect our environment for future generations.